Remoter: Remote Desktop (VNC) App

Remoter, it is an app which allows you to access to your system from any of your Apple device. This application is designed for the iOS operating system and hence available on all the apple gadgets like iPhone or iPad. This app is classified as Virtual Network Computing (VNC) app. The app has support for Fast VNC 3.8 protocol.

The interface of the app is user friendly with adequate documentation that accompanies this app. This app does not crash very often and this is a major plus point of the app. The app has built-in support for German and Russian keyboards. The status of the connection is constantly monitored by Connection Heartbeat which can be turned on/off.

Virtual trackPad allows feather light controls. It also features Wake-on-Lan Support. Users can initiate multiple sessions and control switch from one connection to other. The app can be used to perform various tasks ranging from uploading on a Remote Server or just to peek into your desktop while just sitting on your couch. Priced at just $1 this app is worth giving a try. The app can be purchased from the App store. 🙂

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