Tips On Search Engine Optimization For Bloggers

We all know that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important for our blog. In my previous blog post, I focused on Importance of Fresh Blog Content. In this post I will be focusing briefly on Better Tips for Search Engine Optimization.

Before moving further It’s important for me to say that Search Engine Optimization is process of getting result for your blog in Search Engines or say much better position on Search Engines for website contents or targeted keywords. I have already mentioned in one of my blog post that Blogs naturally attracts Search Engines traffic toward it.

I have gathered few Brief Tips on Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers. You can say if the following Tips for Search Engine Optimization implemented correctly can make your blog post rank high : 🙂

Blog Post Title – Always try to use keywords in title. Your title must be content driven.

Keywords and phrases – It’s very important to use keywords in blog post content.

Posting Content Frequently and Fast – Search Engines like Google love more contents. Publishing faster than others will probably help you in getting seen by Search Engines more quickly.

Socialize Posts – Commenting on other personal blogs, facebook, twitter. Sending out emails. Building relationship with other bloggers.

– Your content should be unique, innovative, interesting. Always try to focus on your interested topics. Use simple language.

These are briefly explained Tips on Search Engine Optimisation for Bloggers. Kindly give your feedback. Thanks 🙂
We all know that Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is very important for our blog. In my previous blog post, I focused on Importance of Fresh Blog Content.

13 Replies to “Tips On Search Engine Optimization For Bloggers”

  1. I think there is a lot more stuff than just these small tips.
    Yes, its fine for a newbie but for advanced people like us, we need to do a lot more to get over the traffic plateau.
    Do share advanced tips for people like me. 😀

  2. Good tips about content and keyword density, also using keywords in title helps a lot!! PR is just a small metric out of 200 other which rate relevance higher than PR and hence a lot of high PR blogs are low on traffic and vice versa. nice post

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